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Our Expertised Verticals

"Our Exceptional understanding of various industry verticals enables us to provide innovative and challenging end-to-end technology solutions. We leverage our business knowledge with our expertise across various lines of technology.Increased business competition and need for diversification have created challenges in every industry domain thus there arose a need to associate with technology service providers.Our solutions enable companies, across industry domains, to foster product innovation, improve operational efficiency.Following are the industries that we are currenlty dealing with:"



we understand the importance of Order placing mechanism In-Store and Online solutions and prompt Order fulfillment. Our comprehensive enterprise solutions ensure to stay agile in nature to seize the opportunities in this dynamic market.Retailers, consumer product goods (CPG) providers, and suppliers turn to Sapot Systems for data cleansing, semantic parsing and up-to-the-minute accurate, consistent product data.

• Business forecasting

• In-store and ecommerce solutions

• Master Data Management.

• Performance management

• Business Network Management.



We offer robust solutions which can enhance coordination, execution and performance. With the evolution of globalization, the need to spread across has increased; and it gets more challenging for the manufacturers to adjust to the new geographies while retaining their competitive positions. Manufacturers need to be sure that relationship between Suppliers, Partners and distributors is unimpeded by traditional stumbling blocks of time and location.

• Enterprise Resource Planning

• Customer Relationship Management

• Sales Management

• Supply Chain Management

• Planning and Scheduling



The insurance industry faces many challenges today - industry consolidation, new regulations, standardization, competition based on product innovation, increased channel diversity, and upcoming technologies have increased pressure on enterprises in the insurance industry. We helped Our clients in re-engineer their business processes to achieve higher operational efficiency and better leverage their IT investments and increase their business flexibility through the adoption of a services-oriented architecture.

• Policy Management

• Agents Management

• Client Management

• Notifications

• Premium Caluculators


Finance & Banking

Many of the world’s largest commercial banking, group insurance and securities processing firms depend on Sapot Systems enterprise data transformation and integration services to achieve a more complete and timely view of their customers, to leverage customer interaction through various channels for better cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, and to automate activities such as mortgage origination.we enable our clients by offering them solutions, from industry-leading functionalities and best practice tailored to address the unique challenges of businesses.

• Customer Mangement

• Transaction Management

• General Ledger & Accounting

• Reporting

• Security



Our capabilities and experience in the telecom domain span across whole value chain starting from service creation and customer management to service delivery, revenue management and analysis and reporting.Communication service providers trust Sapot Systems for data transformation solutions and a flexible, SOA-based cloud infrastructure that gives complete insight into the quality of the customer experience, allowing almost instant creation of new services and bundles by business managers, providing a quality experience to customers, and decreasing time-to-market for new product packages.

• Value Added Services

• Product Campaign Management

• Location Based Services

• New Product Introduction

• Customer Data Quality Management.



We have successfully leveraged the global delivery model blended with deep domain knowledge, technical competency and mature processes to deliver end-to-end solutions and services across the health care domain. Share and update information instantly to reduce administrative costs and collaborate better.We provides a scalable, comprehensive solution that simplifies operations and gives the support needed to help ensure regulatory compliance.

• Hospital Management System

• Equipment Management System

• Human Resource Management System

• Patient Management System

• Business Process Management