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In the software lifecycle, nearly 70% of the cost goes into Application Support & Maintenance activities. Research suggests that large enterprises spend an average of 73% of their IT budget on Application Maintenance of existing system. Clearly, Application Management presents high potential for cost savings in global enterprises.

Our expertise in Application support and maintenance has seen a long list of partnerships. We offer a cost effective solution to customers through:

  •                  • Focus on performance measures and continuous improvement besides SLAs
  •                  • Timely resolution of issues and root cause analysis of each issue
  •                  • Established support matrix offering Help Desk services
  •                  • Multi-level maintenance process using a Corrective, Preventive, Adaptive approach

We have developed a high level of competency in providing Support for IT Operations remotely for many global corporations. We have a unique and proven Application Management Methodology to ensure:

  •                  • Efficient knowledge transfer from existing staff
  •                  • Effective takeover of Application support
  •                  • Smooth & transparent operations
  •                  • Cost effective services
  •                  • Service is in line with SLAs

Our IT wing acts as a backbone support to our ITES services.

Having provided powerful IT solutions for many of our customer's automation requirements, we realize the value and strength of automation and has built several tools for data extraction and validation for all our back office services and completely leverages our IT group services towards it.

Our success in automating our process has helped us to provide high quality services at very competitive pricing.

With our IT team support we are better equipped to manage and process large data sizes and provide necessary data back up services to our customer's need.