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Our Expertised Solutions.

"Our Enterprise solutions offering consists of an experienced team who in turn help us to provide effective business consulting services by identifying the right band of Enterprise Software solution suitable for the client’s business environment. We offer client-specific and customized process-driven software solutions, with high quality, on-time delivery, and cost-competitiveness. Our service delivery approach is to balance product development efforts and project duration to your business needs.The Following are our key solution offerings"


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our ERP Solutions offer a unique blend of business process analysis, industry expertise, and best practice methodology, as well as pre-packaged software solutions, to ensure that your business objectives are achieved on-time and on-budget. We provide a clear path through the implementation, leading to successful use of the system. We start with a clear concept of how you can accomplish your business activities and objectives .The areas that we are pioneered at:

• Financial

• Retail & Manufacturing

• Inventory Mangement

• Supply Chain Mangement

• HR & Payroll

• Project management and accounting


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM Solutions provides a variety of Engineering services to enhance your customer relationships.Sapot Systems CRM Solutions delivers a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly and knowledgably to sales opportunities and customer inquiries – both in the office and in the field.In addition to CRM implementation planning, we can help your organization with best practices, administration techniques and rolling CRM out to your Sales, Marketing, Support and dministrative Staff.

• Sales Management

• Contacts Management

• Process Automation

• Customer Care Management

• Marketing

• Social


Enterprise Content Management

Our Content Mangement solutions built by using Microsoft Sharepoint will unite people and information across your enterprise.Our Sharepoint solutions help you communicate more effectively with employees, partners, and customers by providing easy-to-use functionality to create, approve, and publish Web content.Our solutions are promised to increase efficiency with easy access to content,enhance productive collaboration and improve content security by removing unauthorized access.And it automates the major business proseces by migitating the human interfearence through out the organization.Thease are features that our CMS solutions are promised to deliver:

• Effective Collaboration

• Business Process Automation

• Enterprise and Fast Search

• Integrated Powerfull Security

• Enterprise Social Networking

• Multi-Channel and Multi-Device Content Access


Enterprise Cloud Solutions

With Sapot Systems cloud solutions, you can now tackle your most complex data initiatives with the speed, agility, reliability and security needed to keep your business moving.Our model provides the flexible technical infrastructure and domain expertise needed to define your unique business services and process requirements. Whether you are evaluating services for infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS), or software (SaaS), we offer the freedom and flexibility of the cloud while leveraging the data models you currently have in place.Our Cloud Solutions include robust, enterprise-class Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud options to meet your computing, storage, security, business continuity and disaster recovery needs. Benefits of our cloud-based services include:

• Reduce Costs With Budget

• Enterprise Data Agility

• Always On Anytime, Anywhere Access To IT

• Fast And Accurate Provisioning

• Flexible Scaling Out Deployments

• Reduced Infrastructure Setup Time


Business Intelligence Solutions

Our Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions enables your organization to gain insight into its critical operations through reporting applications and analysis tools.We provide you the real time data and performance with the help of tabular reports, spreadsheets, charts, and dashboards.We also excelled in delivering modern BI deployments over the Web on Computers and mobile devices to give you the access to see the business data from anywhere and anytime.Our BI Solutions can analyze your assets that can include customer databases, supply chain information, personnel data, manufacturing, product data, sales and marketing activity, as well as any other source of information critical to your operation

• Get key business metrics reports when and where you need them:

• Get insight into customer behavior

• Empower your decision makers with data on demand

• Visual dashboards & tailor-made reports at your fingertips

• Improve efficiency & discover your true manufacturing costs


Enterprise Application Integration

Our Enterprise Application Integration solutions offer versatile, cost-effective application integration supporting Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and point-to-point integration architectures which can reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure and dramatically improve its reliability, flexibility, and scalability.Our integration solutions are derived with years of industrial experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms like the cloud and IaaS, they can be readily adapted for future requirements.Because our Innovative minds uses best practices as well as frameworks and methodologies, we can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA.

• Integrated processes for higher per resource productivity

• Reduced redundant data re-entry tasks for integrity across systems

• Seamless working environment for raised organizational efficiency

• Smarter Troubleshooting with single system view

• Remote access for global delivery